Christian Pentzold

The public relations project reaches out to core segments of a changing hybrid society. It provides communicative interfaces with three key target groups: the general lay public, political actors, and industry representatives. Involving these groups, it has three main objectives: First, the project continuously relays the approaches, scientific insights, and innovations brought forward in the CRC Hybrid Societies to its different stakeholders. (Objective 1: Knowing) Thus, it makes the CRC’s subject, methods, and findings accessible to civil society, politics, and industry. Second, the project actively involves these public and professional collectives so to survey their concerns and expectations and to feed them back into the ongoing research of the CRC. (Objective 2: Understanding) Third, it involves people in prototyping and testing scenarios of Embodied Digital Technologies (EDT) solutions where they can experience advanced forms of synthetic environments and participate in their analysis and construction. (Objective 3: Engaging)

The project is part of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) Hybrid Societies funded by the German Research Foundation at Chemnitz University of Technology (funding no. 1410, INST 270/339-1).