Christian Pentzold

The book on peer production breaks new ground. Peer production: A concise introduction will provide a general, accessible, and focused account of peer production that draws on scholarly literature without drifting into the weeds of arcane debates, research methods, or jargon. It will be the first concise introduction to peer production. It addresses the formidable gap in the market that does not offer any succinct overview on the tenets, conditions, and ramifications of this way of generating informational goods and services. We hope readers will take away a few central ideas from this book. First, peer production has become a critical mode of collaborative knowledge production that impacts billions of people on a daily basis. Second, although peer production represents a novel type of social collaboration, our understanding of it can be informed by learning from our understanding of the ways people have interacted, organized, and advanced collective interests in the past. Third, peer production offers both unique advantages over previous forms of collaboration as well as distinct shortcomings and challenges.