Christian Pentzold

The article discusses the contribution of theories of practice for culturalistic communication and media research. First, starting from ambitions in social philosophy and cultural sociology to establish a praxeological paradigm its premises are explained along the principles of recursivity and relationality. Second, applications in communication study reflecting on or aligning with practice theory are registered. It is shown that the comparably sporadic intake is anticipated through the engagement with a complementary programme in the context of cultural studies and a selective adoption of authors commonly associated with practice theory, in particular Bourdieu and Giddens. Third, impulses stemming from practice theory for approaches and areas of culturalistic communication and media research are explored. Therefore, the perspectives for analysing the transformation of collective media use, the constitution of the everyday handling of media and the mutual formation of media technologies and media-related practices are explicated. For the final version, please visit the journal’s website here A full version can be downloaded from here.