Christian Pentzold

Recent innovations in the digitalization and datafication of communication fundamentally affect how people conceptualize, perceive and evaluate time to create the kind of world they live in. The exploratory project is meant to lay some conceptual groundwork and draw out some initial analyses for better understanding the interplay of media and data in respect of the way social time is constructed, modulated, and experienced. This should allow us to appreciate how new technologies and representations deeply affect the temporal organization of today’s media suffused societies, and it also sheds light on transformations in mediating time. The project follows the assumption that mediatization as a fundamental societal change that interweaves with the development and spread of communication and information technologies leaves its mark on the ways we process and order the pace, sequence, rhythms and of social reality.

Funded by an Institutional Grants from Bremen University, Chemnitz University of Technology, and Leipzig University.

Selected project publications:

Pentzold, Christian (2018): Between Moments and Millennia: Temporalising Mediatisation. In: Media, Culture & Society, 40(6), 927-937. Spanish translation: Entre momentos y milenios: temporalizar la mediatización. In: deSignis, 37(2022), 75-89.

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